Let’s Meetup Open Source style part 2

Our last Meetup was done using Open Source and it went so well that a part 2 is in order. It is also a great way to help more people participate in the group. Plus, I just got back from an Open Source Conference in Nashville where I learned some additional facilitation techniques.
Open Source means that there is no set topic. The way it works is that those with ideas/questions they want to discuss share them briefly with everyone. Then we will do a quick vote and the few (or so, it will depend on how many show up) will be selected and then we will break out into groups with 30 min ish to discuss, and come back for a 10-15 min wrap up share main take away points with others.

Please notice location and day difference – the majority of people who responded to the last survey want to meet in the Cedar Bluff area. That also means that dinner will not be provided but the menu is varied and there should be something to everyone interested in eating.

Oh and I’m thinking of a December 12th ish meetup for December and want to look at setting a set time for 2017 so be thinking when would be a good time for you…

Please let me know if you have any questions

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon