Let’s Meetup and talk how to handle challenging personality types

Based on survey results THE most popular topic is how to work with challenging personality types in a team setting. So that is what we will discuss for February’s Meetup!

Please email me at agileinitiatives@gmail.com if there are any personality types in particular that you want to learn how to handle better. Feel free to throw some out at the last minute or during the Meetup as well, AND bring your ideas:)

I will be sharing some common ones, some games and exercises to help deal better, and some other resources as well.
This will be interactive for those that want to participate, but you don’t have to 😉

  • We will have some hang out, eat some pizza, the bar is open, and get to know each other better time from 6:30 – 7.
  • Workshop will be from 7-8

The goal is for everyone to have fun while learning some practical try tomorrow how to tips and ideas to better handle some of the most challenging personality types on your team.

As always, please connect if you have any questions and thanks again!