Using current events in retros – Olympic Retro

Even though the Olympics have wrapped up across the world, they produced some great quotes and pictures – this one inspired an entire retro and the creation of a new way to Gather Info!


Here is the Olympic themed retro

  1. Goal
    1. Look at the value of focus
    2. Identify and gather feedback
    3. Create action items
  2. Focus ON – awesome Olympic quotes on the power of Focus. We discussed them and I asked if people agreed or disagreed, if people thought it took focus to become an Olympic athlete, and what are the benefits of focus.9e208a258510cac84ca520cf222cb8c5largeEverything is vague
  3. Energizer – Olympic Team Charades – to get everyone in the competitive spirit we broke into two teams and played charades. The learning points were; listening, creativity, focus, teamwork, and competition, plus laughter of course 🙂
  4. Gathering Data – Olympic Retro
    1. Trophy = success, things that are working great – keep it up!
    2. Medal = things, people, processes that are working but need improvement.
    3. Stink eye (use the pic of Michael Phelps giving the stink eye) = things that are not working BUT improvement is possible
    4. Foot in boot kicking = things that need to be disqualified, stop doing them

Olympic Retro

5. Analyze and Create SMART Action Items

6. Close-Out – Story cube question? “If this sprint had been an Olympic competition it would have been…..

Summary: The team enjoyed the current event connection in the retro, the actual Gathering Info section worked well and I’ll definitely use it again. The addition of a game was also helpful to get everyone in the right frame of mind for the Gathering Info section.